2023 DBIA National Board of Directors Nomination Form

  • Nominations due March 7, 2022.

    The DBIA National Board of Directors invite you to nominate DBIA members in good standing to the 2023 Board of Directors. We are seeking candidates who understand and support DBIA’s mission and goals and who are committed to advancing the understanding and use of design-build project delivery across all sectors and markets. In filling board vacancies, DBIA strives to represent diverse segments of the industry, diverse geographic regions, as well as to ensure gender and racial diversity. Such broad diversity will help ensure a cross section of unique skills, wide-ranging expertise, and the varied perspectives needed to help DBIA achieve its missions and goals.

    Per DBIA’s bylaws, industry firm representation on the Board shall consist of a cross section of organizational types consistent with the Institute’s objective of “promoting good relations with owners of construction projects, both public and private, and with all disciplines and sectors within the construction industry.” To ensure such diversity, nomination of individuals representing the following firm types and/or expertise are strongly encouraged (in alphabetical order):

    • Design Firms
    • Owner Advisor Services Firms
    • Private Owners
    • Specialty/Trade Contractors
    • Water/Wastewater Sector

    Only DBIA members in good standing are eligible to serve on the DBIA National Board of Directors.


  • About the Nominee

  • (DBIA, AIA, P.E., LEED)

  • This bio will be used on the DBIA website and in other announcements if the candidate is selected to the DBIA National Board. Please consult with the nominee in providing this bio.


  • Evidence of such can be through involvement on committees at the Region and/or National levels, sponsorships, attendance at events, etc.


  • (except for public and/or private owners who will be reimbursed for travel expenditures associated with attendance at board meetings)


    Per the DBIA bylaws, a minimum of thirteen (13) Voting Directors serve for a three-year term, except as prescribed by Board from time to time. A maximum of eight (8) Voting Directors shall serve for a one-year term.


  • It is not unusual for DBIA to receive more qualified applicants than available positions on the National Board. However, there are other important ways to contribute to the organization, including as a member of the Design-Build Certification Board (DBCB). The DBCB is the governing body for DBIA’s certification program including the DBIA™, Assoc. DBIA™, and forthcoming DBIA Fellow program. If you meet DBIA’s Board qualifications but are not selected to the DBIA National Board due to the unavailability of an open position, would you like to be considered for the DCBC?

  • Please review the nominations timeline

  • March 7th: Nominations due.

    Through May 13th: Phone interviews with nominees and references, as needed, by the Board Development Committee.

    Through June 21st: Nominations Committee conducts additional due diligence, as necessary to narrow the pool.

    July 21st: Board of Directors vote on slate of nominees.

    No later than September 1st: Nominees notified of status.

    October/November 2022: Membership vote on new Board nominees

    January 2023: Board service begins.


  • Reference Contact Information

    Provide the name and contact information of at least one industry reference who will support this nomination (other than submitter)

  • Attachments

    Please email the following items to executive@dbia.org after submitting this form:

    - Photo of nominee (high resolution JPEG file for use on DBIA website if selected)

  • By signing below, you attest that the nominee understands the following:

    Serving the industry in a volunteer capacity such as that of a DBIA Board member has rewards beyond those associated with ordinary membership. By giving time, you will help shape the future of your industry. In addition, you will meet people who will expand your thinking and contribute to your professional growth. Serving on DBIA’s Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for professional service. As a “big-tent” organization that brings together owners and all segments of design and construction practitioners, DBIA member volunteers gain direct exposure to multiple viewpoints and perspectives on our ever-changing industry.

    The primary function of the DBIA Board of Directors includes input on policy development and the organization’s general strategic direction. This is accomplished through the ability of all Board members to have a broad outward vision, a clear focus on the overall advancement of the A/E/C industry and a proactive approach to long-term success. In addition to exercising this level of strategic leadership, candidates must agree to other key responsibilities as outlined in the DBIA Board of Directors Charter.

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