Pending Legislation


HB 554: Insurance Coverage of State Property

Introduced: 2/14/2024 by Michael Lee Meredith (R-019)

Provides that instead of insurance coverage provided through the State Fire and Tornado Insurance Fund, the governing board of each public supported postsecondary educational institution may elect to obtain insurance to cover all of the State property in the institutions possession against loss by fire and other hazards; provides that insurance may be provided by an authorized insurer or through a self-insurance pool if the pool meets certain requirements.

Last Action: Apr 4, 2024: Enacted.

DBIA Position: Monitor

HB 777: Government Contracts

Introduced: 2/26/2024 by Shawn McPherson (R-022)

Summary: Expands the definition of contract; requires promulgation of administrative regulations to establishes policies regarding timely payments under contracts; establishes timely payment penalty and procedures.

Last Action: Apr 15, 2024: Failed.

Status: Pending

DBIA Position: Monitor