DBIA Award Winners Uploads

Congratulations on your selection as a 2020 Design-Build Project/Team Award Winner. This page is your hub to upload material to be used in our Awards Ceremony and virtual conference website.

The deadline for Award Winner submissions is October 2, 2020.


Merit Winner Video/Poster Instructions

Just because our Awards Celebration is virtual doesn’t mean it will be boring! We’re building a an engaging program designed to show off your success in a variety of way. We have two requests of our Merit winners:

1) Winners’ Video

Please prepare a brief :15 second video “Thank You” from your team (or team member), which will be used for all Excellence winners. Since, you are in competition for an Excellence award we want to be sure you are represented. As a rule of thumb, :15 is about 30-40 words, for example:

Thank you so much! This project team including; AAA Construction, The Best Design Group, Brainy Engineers and many terrific specialty contractors really came together to deliver what we believe is an exemplary project serving the Smithville community for many years to come.

Instructions: You don’t need a production crew to shoot this video. Even your cell phone or webcam will get the job done. Please identify your speaker (name, title, company, project name) in the form below and then upload your MP4, labeled with your project name, in standard 1920 X 1080 dimensions (H264 Video Codec).

Upload Video

2) Project Poster

Each year we invite project winners to create a poster showcasing their project and team. This year is no exception. The only difference in a virtual world is that, since this is a digital poster, we’ll need a smaller size and not print-ready. Please upload your poster labeled with your project name as a jpeg or png, and we will include it in our 2020 Design-Build Project/Team Winners Poster Gallery.

Upload Poster


Questions? Contact DBIA at awards@dbia.org