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February’s Design-Build News Summary – In Case You Missed It

We know how busy design-build teams are, and with so much information passing around every day, it can be hard keeping up with the latest news. That’s why we’ve created this monthly summary of the design-build and DBIA news covered in February’s blog. Here are some of the month’s top posts:

DBIA’s Projects Database Hits 500 Milestone

Nowhere else can you find such a detailed and diverse collection of design-build project descriptions than in DBIA’s Design-Build Projects Database. We’re excited to report that we’ve hit the 500-project mark!

An Insider’s Look at Next Month’s Design-Build for Transportation/Aviation and Water/Wastewater Conferences

Conference Committee Planning chairs for DBIA’s spring sector conferences provide details on what attendees can expect at these popular design-build events targeted to the Transportation/Aviation and Water/Wastewater sectors.

9 DOT Mega Projects Win Funding

Nine infrastructure mega projects will receive $1.2 billion from the Department of Transportation as part of the new National Infrastructure Project Assistance (Mega) Discretionary Grant Program (MPDG).

The Evolution of Design-Build 1993-2023

In the three decades since DBIA’s creation, design-build has become the nation’s fastest-growing delivery method, and DBIA is the nation’s leading source of education, resources and advocacy for Design-Build Done Right®. Industry leaders talk about the past, present and future of design-build.

DBIA’s Design-Build Webinars Target What Teams Need

DBIA is excited to bring you our Design-Build Delivers Webinars, a new monthly series covering various timely and targeted industry topics exclusively focused on Design-Build. Known for our Design-Build Done Right® education, these webinars provide yet another platform for DBIA to offer real-world lessons, solutions and innovations for Design-Build professionals at any stage of their career — whether a young professional just starting or a seasoned pro.

The Flexibility of Design-Build: Best-Value, PDB and Everything in Between

Design-build use, including two-phase best-value and progressive design-build (PDB), has expanded across all sectors and is projected to be nearly half of all design and construction in the U.S. by 2025. This growth can be attributed, in part, to the flexibility of design-build, including an Owner’s choices of project delivery method, procurement method and contracting approach, which all strongly influence project results.

DBIA’s VDC Leadership Exchange Brings Together the Nation’s Leading Design-Build VDC Leaders

DBIA’s newly created VDC Leadership Exchange (VDCLEx) is positioned to help define what VDC Done Right looks like for design-build teams in all sectors and project types. This diverse group of BIM/VDC industry leaders gathered for the first time in November at the Design-Build Conference and Expo.

$1B Infrastructure Funds Awarded to Airports Nationwide

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced nearly $1 billion in infrastructure funding to 99 airports in virtually every state in the nation. According to the FAA announcement today, the funds will be used to invest in new baggage systems, larger security checkpoints and improved ground transportation.

The Future of Design: How AI & Generative Design are Revolutionizing Wastewater Design-Build Projects

Artificial Intelligence & Generative Design are rapidly evolving fields, constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation. As technology and computing capabilities advance with each passing day, so too do the tools available to capital planners, engineers, & designers.

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