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March’s Design-Build News Summary — In Case You Missed It

It’s been a busy month, right? As spring approaches and things can get even busier, it’s as important as ever to stay on top of the latest design-build news. Link here to any of the stories in this month’s summary of DBIA news on our Design-Build Done Right® blog.

Lessons Learned from a Design-Build Project of the Year Team

As the May deadline for DBIA’s 2023 National Design-Build Project/Teams Awards competition approaches, we thought it might be helpful for design-build teams to get an inside look at what makes a DBIA Project of the Year.

How to Make Your DEI Initiatives Work

Designing and building a more diverse AEC industry is more than a lofty social goal. It’s vital for the AEC industry’s future. As our industry continues to face worker shortages and challenges in recruiting young and diverse talent, implementing effective DEI programs can help address these workforce challenges. But what makes a successful DEI program?

An Inside Look: How DBIA’s Design-Build Award Winners Continue to Redefine Project Excellence

So, you’ve done the hard work as a team and delivered a design-build project to be proud of. Now what? Now is the time to share your success by entering that project in DBIA’s 2023 Design-Build Project/Team Awards. In this podcast episode, long-time DBIA awards jury chair Barbara Jackson, gives us a look inside the jury deliberation process and what it takes to be a DBIA award-winning project.

Maximizing VDC Delivers Design-Build Success at UC San Diego

The University of California’s  Nuevo West Graduate Student Housing project was designed to be a vibrant portal for graduate students and families of patients being treated at the UC San Diego Medical Center. The project implemented many pioneering processes, including the expansion of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) tools, to reduce the effects of those challenges on the project.

Teaming Agreements Are Key to Design-Build Success

Effective Teaming Agreements are a foundation of design-build success. DBIA Contracts Committee members share their individual experiences to identify where projects go right – or wrong. One practice common to successful projects is a fair and comprehensive Teaming Agreement between the design-builder and the lead AE firm.

Industry Leaders Celebrate 30 Years of Design-Build Excellence

In 1993, design-build was considered a radical approach to project delivery. That year, the Design-Build Institute of America was created by a small group of industry visionaries who believed there was a better way to build. Some of the nation’s leading design-build professionals describe how times have changed as DBIA celebrates its 30th anniversary.

DBIA’s 2023 Design-Build Project/Teams Awards Competition Begins

DBIA’s Design-Build Project/Team Awards winners set themselves apart in the industry as the nation’s best design-builders. Their projects are diverse, but they share one common element – excellence. Now’s the time to share your design-build project success by submitting your entry into the Design-Build Project/Team Awards competition.

What Makes a Great Design-Build Leader?

Leadership matters more than ever in the design-build process. As projects become more complex, design-build leaders need a robust toolkit, including the skills and attributes required to maximize a fully integrated process. DBIA is committed to helping our industry train design-build team members to become successful leaders. Starting this month, we’ll bring that training to you in three Design-Build Done Right® leadership workshops nationwide.


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