2022 Design-Build Project of the Year Team

This is What Design-Build Excellence Looks Like December 2022 In this episode of DBIA’s Design-Build Delivers® podcast, we talk to three of the project leaders whose team delivered DBIA’s 2022 Design-Build Project of the Year. Building a new home for California’s Natural Resources Agency was not only a massive project, but the team also faced … Continued

Why Use a Design-Build Owner Advisor?

Maximizing Project Success — Will an Owner Advisor Help? November 2022 Design-build’s continued growth nationwide means the need for well-trained design-build Owners and teams has also increased. We know that design-build is only as successful as the Owners who implement it, so it’s vital that Owners understand the basics of Design-Build Done Right® best practices. … Continued

2022 is a Record Year for Design-Build Advocates

DBIA Advocacy Team Highlights Legislative News October 2022 Podcast Each year, design-build advocates across the nation and in the halls of Congress work to ensure that states and federal agencies have full access to design-build to deliver their projects. That authority has never been more important as we rebuild in the post-Covid environment and launch … Continued

Here’s the Inside Scoop on Updated DBIA Contracts

Start Your Design-Build Done Right® Projects with the Industry’s Best Documents   September 2022 Design-Build Done Right® Podcast Getting your design-build project started off right is vital to project success. DBIA contracts are the industry’s “go-to” documents delivering Design-Build Done Right® projects of all types. Now, they’re even better! These contract updates have been in the works … Continued

Powering the Grid: How Are We Going to Electrify America?

August 2022 America’s energy infrastructure fuels our nation. While the electric industry has increased investment to meet customers’ needs, our generation, transmission and distribution systems are still struggling. The problem only worsens as the impacts of climate change continue and our demands on the power grid increase. The passage of new infrastructure investment funding for … Continued

Using Design-Build Innovation to Maximize Infrastructure Investment

July 2022 What are the key opportunities and challenges facing design-build teams as IIJA implementation begins? What can Owners and industry do to maximize this historic opportunity? In this episode of DBIA’s Design-Build Delivers podcast, we talk to two experienced pros in the federal market about the implementation of historic federal infrastructure investment and its … Continued

Building Resilient Infrastructure to Create Strong Communities

June 2022 We’ve seen how natural and manmade events can impose devastating costs upon our projects, infrastructure, and society. Whether it’s pandemics, climate change or other challenges facing communities, the costs of these events can be staggering. More than ever, it’s vital that project teams make resiliency an integral part of their design and build … Continued