December Jobs Report Highlights Growth in Construction Employment, Wages, Job Market Resilience

The December jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed an increase in overall employment, with construction as one of the more significant growth industries. In a month where employers added 216,000 positions, the construction industry contributed significantly with 17,000 new jobs. The report also provides insights into robust wage growth and the … Continued

Another Look At Transportation Infrastructure Projects and Funding

  In the last transportation infrastructure post, we looked at several states that had recently made announcements for funding or plans for acquiring funding. This post explores a handful of additional states, including new projects and some ongoing efforts to better connect residents both within their states and throughout their regions. This time, we looked … Continued

Looking at Transportation Infrastructure Projects and Funding: Several States Announce New Efforts

Over the last few weeks, several states have announced funding or plans for acquiring funding for transportation infrastructure projects, including California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska and Oklahoma. These states join Maryland, Texas, New York and Georgia, whose departments of transportation have announced or launched large transportation infrastructure projects over the last few months. … Continued

Converting Unused Office Space to Affordable Housing: Challenges and Opportunities

As the dynamics of work and living spaces evolve in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous U.S. cities are exploring innovative solutions to repurpose vacant office spaces. This shift in urban planning and development aims to address critical issues such as housing shortages, environmental sustainability and the glut of unoccupied commercial buildings. The growing … Continued

The Construction Industry Has Hundreds of Open Positions –– Why Can’t They Hire Enough Workers?

The construction industry saw the number of job openings grow in August, but the industry is focused on how to fill the positions that already exist. Companies are instating better incentives, offering higher pay and embracing technology to attract qualified candidates, but industry officials argue more needs to be done to promote the industry and … Continued

Construction Among Industries with Highest Job Growth for August

Construction job growth in August ranked fourth among employment sectors adding 22,000 jobs to the month’s total of 187,000 non-farm jobs. Only health care (with a whopping increase of 71,000), leisure/hospitality (40,000) and social assistance (26,000) showed more growth last month, according to the latest report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With the … Continued

The FHWA Grant Program: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Design-Build

Contributor: Alicia Lopez, PE, PEng, DBIA; Vice President, Design Management & Innovation; Flatiron Construction In a landmark move toward embracing the digital age, the Biden-Harris administration has initiated the first round of an $85 million grant program to fuel the widespread adoption of digital construction technologies within the transportation sector. This program, launched by the … Continued

Construction Labor Market Still Strong, Withstands Fed Rate Hikes

Despite expectations that Federal Reserve interest rate hikes would negatively impact the construction labor market, the June U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report indicates the industry is still strong with more jobs, consistent wage growth and low unemployment. The Construction Labor Market at a Glance Of the 209,000 total jobs added in June, construction was among the … Continued

Taking a Closer Look: Progressive Design-Build and Best Value Design-Build

The industry’s latest performance research predicts that design-build will deliver nearly half of all non-residential design and construction in the United States by 2026. Because design-build isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, it allows Owners to choose the variation that best suits their goals, project and team. In addition to cost and schedule savings, the flexibility to … Continued

Innovation, Technology Driving Better Collaboration Between Field And Office

Contributor: Thai Nguyen, Director of Innovation, Hensel Phelps The construction industry has made impressive strides in digital transformation. However, it still faces challenges in fully harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) due to fragmented data held in silos by individuals, teams and companies. The emergence of new tools and apps adds another layer of … Continued