Getting Down and Dirty with BIM for Design-Build projects

We have all heard it before. How great BIM is. How it is revolutionizing our industry. How it is changing virtually everything. However, maybe you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid just yet. You see a lot of hype and discussion, and maybe even some cool presentations, but you are missing the everyday practicality of it. You … Continued

It’s Time for a Design-Build Best Practices Update

It has been almost a decade since DBIA published its first Universally Applicable Best Design-Build Practices. That document has helped more teams than we can count deliver Design-Build Done Right® projects of all types and sizes. But, as we all know, design-build continues to evolve and grow. So must our best practices and their implementing … Continued

How to Make Your DEI Initiatives Work

Designing and building a more diverse AEC industry is more than a lofty social goal. It’s vital for the AEC industry’s future. As our industry continues to face worker shortages and challenges in recruiting young and diverse talent, implementing effective DEI programs can help address these workforce challenges. But what makes a successful DEI program? … Continued

Teaming Agreements Are Key to Design-Build Success

“Effective Teaming Agreements are a foundation of design-build success,” says Rachel John, Esq., Assoc. DBIA, Senior Associate at Zetlin and De Chiara, LLP, a New York City-based law firm specializing in construction law. John is also a member of a DBIA-sponsored committee of diverse professionals with extensive design-build project experience – as design-builders, designers, contractors … Continued

DBIA’s Projects Database Hits 500 Milestone

  Nowhere else can you find such a detailed and diverse collection of design-build project descriptions than in DBIA’s Design-Build Projects Database. We’re excited to report that we’ve hit the 500-project mark! Use this powerful tool to search among our 500 design-build projects across all sectors, regions and sizes.  Join the design-build teams using this … Continued

Why Use a Design-Build Owner Advisor?

Maximizing Project Success — Will an Owner Advisor Help? November 2022 Design-build’s continued growth nationwide means the need for well-trained design-build Owners and teams has also increased. We know that design-build is only as successful as the Owners who implement it, so it’s vital that Owners understand the basics of Design-Build Done Right® best practices. … Continued

$160 Million NEW USDOT Funds Now Available

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced today that it’s opened applications for the new SMART and ATTAIN programs. According to the USDOT, $100 million will be distributed through the Smart program. “The SMART program will fund purpose-driven innovation and focus on building data and technology capacity and expertise. The Program seeks proposals from public sector … Continued