DBIA Applauds Inclusion of Progressive Design-Build Pilot Program in FAA Reauthorization Act

DBIA commends the U.S. Congress for passing the bipartisan Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act, which includes a pilot program for Progressive Design-Build (PDB). This provision, expected to be signed into law, marks a significant step forward for the design-build industry. DBIA extends its gratitude to Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) for his leadership in championing … Continued

Mississippi Legislature Passes Historic Design-Build Legislation

Last week, the Mississippi legislature passed historic design-build transportation legislation dramatically expanding the Mississippi Transportation Commission’s design-build and alternative delivery authority. Historically, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has been extremely limited in its ability to use design-build delivery, but the passage of Senate Bill 2645 (SB 2645) would give the Mississippi Transportation Commission arguably … Continued

DBIA Secures Amendments to Virginia Bills to Preserve Design-Build

After weeks of advocacy efforts dating back to late January, DBIA was successful in getting significant amendments incorporated into Virginia Senate Bill 18 (SB 18) and Virginia House Bill 1108 (HB 1108). The bills initially aimed to drive project selection purely based on price, potentially hindering the use of design-build and Construction Manager at Risk … Continued

New DBIA Resources Available to Help States Advocate for Design-Build

To strengthen DBIA’s advocacy efforts and support our regions at the state level, DBIA has created a Guide for Enactment of Design-Build Legislation and accompanying Model Legislation Addendum as well as released its 2023 Design-Build State Statute Report (SSR). Design-build is the fastest-growing and most used project delivery procurement approach in the United States. Once … Continued

2023 Recap: DBIA Advocacy and Highlights in Federal Design-Build Legislation

Throughout 2023, most of the focus of federal legislation was on implementing the various infrastructure funding bills passed in prior years. However, there were some developments related to design-build on the legislative front worth reporting. Let’s delve into the noteworthy highlights from last year, exploring the landscape of federal design-build legislation and examining DBIA’s impactful … Continued

DBIA Testifies before NY State Assembly in Favor of Progressive Design-Build Authority

On Dec. 14, DBIA Director of State/Local Legislative Affairs Richard Thomas testified on behalf of the DBIA Liberty Region before the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Cities and Standing Committee on Local Governments. Thomas –– along with DBIA National Board Treasurer and NYC Department of Design and Construction Commissioner Tom Foley, Deputy Mayor … Continued

Navigating State Design-Build Legislation: Highlights from 2023 and A Look Toward 2024

By: Richard Thomas, Director, State/Local Legislative Affairs In legislative terms, 2023 emerged as a highly successful year for design-build, marked by a significant expansion of its authority, unprecedented funding for projects and the passage of a record number of Progressive Design-Build (PDB) bills in state legislatures. Across the nation, more than 160 design-build-related bills were … Continued

A Word with DBIA-WPR’s Brandon Dekker About CA SB 706, Expanding PDB

On Oct. 8, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 706, expanding the authority for the state Director of General Services to use Progressive Design-Build procurement in capital projects. The bill was sponsored by the Design-Build Institute of America-Western Pacific Region (DBIA-WPR), and their advocacy efforts were vital to its success.  The Design-Build Delivers Blog … Continued

DBIA-WPR Sponsors Progressive Design-Build Legislation, Broadening Legislative Authority for California Agencies

On Sept. 1, the California State Senate voted unanimously in favor of Senate Bill 706 (SB 706), which expands authority for the use of progressive design-build (PDB) by state and local agencies. Today, that bill rests with California Governor Gavin Newsom, awaiting his signature. Sponsored by the DBIA-Western Pacific Region (DBIA-WPR), SB 706 was introduced … Continued

Progressive Design-Build Authority Coming to New York City?

The New York City Capital Process Reform Task Force created by Mayor Eric Adams last April has released a set of 39 recommendations designed to cut years off the process of delivering public works and saving taxpayer dollars in the process. Among those recommendations is one to allow agencies to use Progressive Design-Build. This is … Continued