Use of ATC's in Transportation Design-Build Projects

October 10, 2018


Use of ATC’s in Transportation Design-Build Projects

Presenter: Phil Sheridan, P.E., DBIA, Senior Vice President, Clark Civil, LLC

Price: $50 for members and $75 for non-members

CEUs: 1.5

This session will walk the student through an introduction of the fundamentals of how the ATC process should be incorporated into an RFP solicitation by the owner. It will then explore the roles of each party in the preparation of ATC  during the pursuit phase and the processes for evaluating ATC’s for possible use in proposers technical submissions. The class will also touch on how ATC’s should be incorporated in the Design builders final technical submission and in the Contract at the time of award. The class will conclude with some innovative ideas on how broad a range of ideas may be captured by the ATC process and how ATC’s can be approved with conditions, yet still reduce overall project risks and bring value to the Owner.

You will learn:

  • ATC’s are a powerful means to foster innovation during the procurement phase of a projects
  • ATC’s must be managed in a highly confidential setting one on one with each proposer
  • The RFP should never be modified via amendment to “share” an ATC concept developed by a proposer
  • ATC’s can be approved with conditions, which the proposer can then evaluate and price accordingly which will in most cases reduce project risk and uncertainties while adding value to their proposed project solution


Schedule: October 10, 2018

Format: Webinar