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COVID-19 & AEC Update: June 26, 2020

covid-19 update june 26

DBIA’s mission is to provide the best resources available to help inform and empower our industry. In these uncertain times, that mission is even more important. As our communities fight the Coronavirus, we are working to find the best information available to help design-build teams navigate the unknown. This daily newsletter will provide the latest COVID-19 news for the AEC community.

Design-builders deliver in times of crisis and we will again.

If you have COVID-19 news impacting the AEC industry from your organization, state or community please email us.

June 26th


U.S. Sets Daily Record For New COVID-19 Cases-NPR. With numbers spiking across southern states, the U.S. set a daily record for new COVID-19 cases Thursday in a return to figures not seen since late April. According to data collected by Johns Hopkins, 40,401 new cases were recorded June 25, surpassing the previous record set April 24, which saw 36,291 new cases.

Governors eye expanding public-private partnerships for infrastructure financing-Transportation Today. At the NGA virtual summit, there was a lot of focus was on public-private partnerships and the possibility of expanding their role in the sector. Governors and private experts discussed how public and private sectors could maximize returns to the public and noted successful P3s in transportation, broadband, energy and more.

How the Virus Won-The New York Times. Invisible outbreaks sprang up everywhere. The United States ignored the warning signs. This interactive article analyzed travel patterns, hidden infections and genetic data to show how the epidemic spun out of control.


8 states and cities are pausing their reopenings as coronavirus cases spike — here’s how their plans are changing-Business Insider. Many states have seen surges in COVID-19 cases after reopening, leading officials to reimpose restrictions or delay next steps. Here are the 8 states and cities that have slowed or backtracked their reopenings so far.


Why are California’s Covid-19 cases surging? Here’s what we know-The Guardian. California’s early, aggressive response to the coronavirus pandemic had earned praise from the top US health officials. But after avoiding the worst-case scenarios faced by New York and New Jersey, the state has seen infections and hospitalizations swell in recent weeks.


‘We are where we are’: Gov. DeSantis says Florida not moving to next phase as coronavirus cases increase-WFLA News Channel 8. “We are where we are. I didn’t say we’re going onto the next phase. We’ve done a step-by-step approach and it’s an approach that’s been reflective of the unique situation of each area,” DeSantis said. “We never anticipated doing anything different in terms of the next phase, at this point.”


Texas Pauses Reopening as Virus Cases Soar Across the South and West-New York Times. Just 55 days after reopening Texas restaurants and other businesses, Gov. Abbott on Thursday hit the pause button. The governor stopped additional phases of the state’s reopening as new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations soared, as he struggled to pull off the seemingly impossible task of keeping the state open and the virus under control.


The future of the construction industry post-COVID-19-AZ Big Media. The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted a number of industries, and the construction industry is no exception. In making these changes to both the traditional office setting and the field, there are still questions as to whether these changes will last.

Rebuilding the construction industry in the age of the coronavirus-The Real Deal. As construction sites reopen in New York and other big cities, construction companies are facing unprecedented pressures. The industry must respond not only to immediate safety and health concerns, on top of cost overruns and project delays, but also the need for industry-wide reform. Industry professionals say construction companies will increasingly need to adopt new technology, as well as alternatives in supply chains and materials.

Construction Industry Due for a Remodel as Disrupters Eye Profits in Vast Sector-Globe Street. The construction industry will “radically change” as it undergoes nine specific shifts, and the COVID-19 pandemic could catalyze the makeover, according to a new report from McKinsey & Co.

Contact our editors if you have COVID-19 news impacting the AEC industry to share.