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How is COVID and Telework Impacting Organizations’ Office Needs?

DBIA, like so many organizations nationwide, is continuing our telework schedule. Overall, it’s been surprisingly seamless, leading many to wonder what will the “new normal” look like for telework vs in-office schedules in the future?

DBIA’s Executive Director/CEO, Lisa Washington, participated in a webinar with CEO Update on how COVID is impacting how organizations get the job done. She talked about how the move to telework is impacting our staff and others nationwide:

“My team seems to have a greater work-life balance (since the move to telework),” Washington said. “Getting rid of a commute means I can take a morning walk or an afternoon walk. People feel better. When they feel better, they actually seem to be more productive. We’re going to see more committed employees. The whole human dynamic of employees being happier, more productive, and more appreciative is going to evolve out of this.”

You can see the full interview here.