New in 2018: "Design-Build Delivers," a DBIA Podcast

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New in 2018: “Design-Build Delivers,” a DBIA Podcast

There are a number of ways to learn with DBIA. You can attend a certification workshop or take one of our individual courses. You can soak in the knowledge and benefit from the bevy of networking that our conferences provide. You can tune in to our many webinars that offer the latest in design-build. Too much learning? We don’t think so. By its very nature, the design-build industry moves at a fast pace. What’s relevant one month might be irrelevant the next. And we don’t want you in your office or on-site working with knowledge that is outmoded or outdated. So we had a question. How can we deliver timely, cutting-edge content in an efficient manner?

The result is “Design-Build Delivers,” a new podcast from DBIA that will talk about the latest (and to the greatest) in the design-build industry. Every month we will bring you insights from thought leaders and industry professionals about some of the hottest topics in design-build, as well as give you updates on things happening with DBIA.