I-26 Volvo Interchange

Berkeley, South Carolina

I-26 Volvo Interchange

2020 | Best In Awards | Best in Process

The I-26/Volvo Interchange is a modern facility providing improved mobility, safety, and connectivity in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Its three new bridges and directional ramps between I-26 and Volvo’s first North American plant resulted from stakeholder collaboration and successful Design-Build delivery. The project includes the construction of a portion of Volvo Car Drive and resurfacing and cross slope correction of existing mainline I-26 within the project limits. The interchange provided a three-level, three-leg directional interchange with free-flow directional ramps for all movements using grade separated structures. Some specific components of work included bridges, ground stabilization, roadway grading & paving, drainage improvements, maintenance of traffic, signing & pavement markings, and sediment & erosion control.

Design-Build Innovation Comes Together

The I-26/Volvo Interchange is a textbook example of what can happen when innovation is encouraged in design-build. By working with an environmentally sensitive design approach, a five-acre wetland impact reduction was achieved and USACE permit obtained in just 13 days. Roadway design accommodated lane reversals required for hurricane evacuations and maximized roadside safety by minimizing guard rail and non-traversable embankment slopes. Additionally, the structural and geotechnical team used advanced modeling to achieve the challenging seismic performance goals for the bridges and embankments. As a result of the collaboration between stakeholders, this project has paved the way for economic development in the region.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: SCDOT
Design-Build Firm: Conti Enterprises, Inc.
Engineer: Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Specialty Contractors: United Infrastructure Group
Construction Duration: 31 Months
Project Cost: $45,700,000.00

Photo Credit: JMT