Bailey Kasten, CAE (Team)


Bailey Kasten, CAE

Chief Data Officer

They say information is power. At DBIA, Bailey Kasten is the data wizard who powers our association’s work by keeping us in tune with the needs of our members and the entire industry. She has worked in association management for over 17 years and loves serving members. Bailey also knows data is one of the essential tools to help bring everything at DBIA together to make us an agile, responsive, and effective organization. Her favorite part of the job is finding opportunities, identifying trends, and looking for relationships in our data. She loves those “a-ha moments” that help us build strong member connections and create new opportunities. Bailey’s a small-town Iowa girl who came to D.C. and graduated from American University. She believes, “The joy is in the journey, not only the destination.” In her (limited) spare time, Bailey enjoys gardening, the great outdoors, and taking her kids to the library (her personal favorites are English literature and dystopian novels). In fact, she says her superpower would be freezing time so she could squeeze in more reading.