Roshan M. Corsiglia, Ph.D. (Futures Council)

Roshan M. Corsiglia, Ph.D.

Real Estate Executive, Google LLC

Roshan is an Executive on Google’s Real Estate team where she developed and is now responsible for global governance of all real estate projects. In addition, Roshan researched, developed, and now oversees Google’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) programs. She holds two patents that tie computational modeling to key building data and machine learning. Roshan has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in the fields of energy, sustainability and building modeling and frequently lectures at Stanford University.

“This is an opportunity for leaders in our industry to come together and steer how we want to drive impact, efficiency, and meaningful change. To do this, we must have the breadth and depth of collaboration. I very much look forward to participating in, and contributing to, the DBIA Future’s Council to work together and map out the vision for our industry.”