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Updated Coursework & Exams for DBIA Certification

With design-build now accounting for nearly half of all design and construction spending, more Owners than ever are seeking certification for their design-build teams and encouraging teams to have DBIA-certified professionals in their solicitations. That means the number of people seeking a DBIA certification has grown exponentially in recent years.

With hundreds of individuals receiving their DBIA credentials every year, we know how important it is to keep training material up-to-date and current with the latest industry trends. After a careful examination and beta testing, the updated coursework material and certification exam will roll out September 1, 2018. This new coursework has been enhanced to address Design-Build Done Right™ best practices and principles and other industry advancements while preparing our future certification candidates for their DBIA certification exam.

If you’ve been considering DBIA certification for a while but have not signed up for a Certification Workshop yet, the updated courses look a little different. The ‘Fundamentals of Project Delivery’ course is no longer a requirement; instead, the key concepts from this course are incorporated into ‘Principles of Design-Build Delivery & Procurement.’ The other two courses, Post Award and Contract, have also been updated to better prepare students for the new certification exam.

Have you already taken a DBIA Certification workshop but have yet to take the exam? Don’t worry! If you’ve taken the workshop before September 1, 2018, you will be able to take the current certification exam until April 1, 2019. All certification workshops held past September 1 will have the updated coursework as well as an updated certification exam so either way, you’re covered. We want you have success as a design-build professional, and DBIA certification is one of many steps you can take to do so.

There are only eight certification workshops left in 2018 – one is already sold out! Certification workshops are the best way to attain your DBIA and Assoc. DBIA credentials, which identify you as a design-build professional. Get started on your journey to certification by visiting our Get Certified page.