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DBIA certifications provide the only measurable standard to evaluate a professional’s understanding of Design-Build Done Right®. DBIA’s curriculum-based program educates Owners as well as designers and builders on team-centered approaches that are essential to effective design-build. Through education, experience and examination, certification candidates demonstrate mastery of Design-Build Done Right®.


If you are in the process of seeking the DBIA® or the Assoc. DBIA® certification, please note that the required core curriculum (Certification Workshop) and the certification exam will be changing effective mid-September 2024. This means you must have an approved application on file and complete the current certification exam by August 31, 2024. After this date, all candidates will need to restart the process which includes registering and paying to attend the updated Certification Workshop (core courses) and sit for the new exam.

Read the complete Certification Guidelines here.

For questions and assistance, please contact certification@dbia.org.

Types of Certification

DBIA offers two different Designated Design-Build Professional® Certifications. Which DBIA certification you attain depends on various factors including experience, education and professional background. Note: The coursework is the same for both credentials.

See which one is right for you:

For industry practitioners meeting the required demonstrated hands-on design-build experience. “Hands-on” is defined as playing an active role with direct involvement in the application of design-build best practices and principles during procurement, design phase and construction.

For industry practitioners who may not be able to demonstrate the required hands-on design-build experience but who meet other designated requirements.

1. Read Certification Guidelines and Apply

Read Certification Guidelines & Requirements for full details.

2. Attend Certification Workshops

DBIA instructors are leaders in the industry, with real-world experience in the delivery of successful design-build projects. Tackle your courses all at once with this three-day intensive program that includes the core courses needed for certification along with access to the remaining core course online. The prices below include the certification application and one exam sitting fee:

  • Member Price: $2,100
  • Member Owner Price: $1,200
  • Non-Member Price: $3,100
  • Non-Member Owner Price: $1,500
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3. Take the Exam

Prometric testing centers nationwide provide both in-person exams and remote options to take the exam using a secure process that provides proctored testing. The 100-question, 8 topic certification exam (subject to change in September 2024) measures a candidate’s mastery of design-build best practices and application.

The exam covers the following topics:

Project Management Contracts & Legal General Attributes Project Delivery Estimating/ Specifications Teaming and team organization Procurement Ethics/ Professionalism

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Certified Professionals Directory

DBIA Certified professionals lead the design-build industry. Through years of experience and hours of education, these individuals have put in the time and work to become Designated Design-Build Professionals®.

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College of Fellows

DBIA established the College of Fellows in 2018 as a new designation within the organization. Being a DBIA Fellow is an elite status that recognizes the achievements of the most accomplished Designated Design-Build Professionals®. By meeting rigorous requirements and making notable contributions to DBIA and design-build in general, these professionals have proven to be the best of the best in the design-build industry and by honoring them with Fellow status, DBIA is celebrating their career achievements and dedication to promoting DBIA principles. A new class is selected each year and are honored during the annual Design-Build Conference & Expo.

How to Qualify as a DBIA Fellow