Preparing the Next Design-Build Generation

Student Competition

Student Teams Compete for National Honors

University teams from throughout the nation compete each year in DBIA’s National Design-Build Student Competition. This unique program brings together student team members across disciplines in real-world collaborative competition. Students deliver a design-build project through each stage of development and make their presentation to the nation's leading design-builders -- making important connections to the industry.

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Students & Educators

Create long-lasting impact on the future of design-build

DBIA knows how to deliver higher quality outcomes. That’s why we’re working with colleges and universities to teach the next generation how to construct a better tomorrow with Design-Build Done Right®.

Educator Workshop Program

Teaching the Teachers Design-Build Done Right®

Educators can help bridge today with tomorrow by instructing the next generation on the tenets and philosophies of design-build. The Educator Workshop is your place to access the curriculum and training necessary to educate on Design-Build Done Right® to foster the kind of collaboration and innovation that will power future generations’ career and industry transformation.

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Austin Marshall, J.D., Clinical Professor, College of Engineering at the University of Texas

“The Educator Workshop was fantastic. The presenters were great and brought a wealth of experience. I recommend this program to everyone in our field!"

DBIA Student Chapters

Shape your future by joining a DBIA student chapter. We bring students of multiple disciplines together and give them access to industry leaders and the design-build network. Join your student chapter or start one at your school today.

Student Chapters

Get Certified

We encourage university educators in architecture, construction and engineering to pursue Design-Build Done Right® training and become a DBIA Designated Design-Build Professional™.

Certification Courses

DBIA instructors are leaders in the industry, with real-world experience in the delivery of successful design-build projects. Take the first step to becoming a Certified Design-Build Professional™ today.



DBIA certification exams are offered at more than 300 testing centers nationwide. The 100-question certification exam measures a candidate’s mastery of design-build best practices and application. It covers eight main topics including:

  • Project management
  • Contracts and legal
  • General attributes
  • Project delivery
  • Estimating/specifications
  • Teaming and team organization
  • Procurement
  • Ethics/professionalism
Get Certified

Certification Requirements

Academia has an alternative way to certification based on demonstrated evidence of research and teaching. Specifically, they must:

  • Provide evidence of active research in design-build project delivery such as peer-reviewed published word on the topic of integrated delivery or supporting skills such as conceptual estimating, etc. Work must have been published within the past 3 years.
  • Provide evidence of active teaching of at least one university-level course where a minimum of 50% syllabus is devoted to project delivery lessons
  • Hold a doctoral degree recognized as the terminal degree for your field by your university
  • Have attained the rank of tenured Associate Professors.

References for academia may include leaders from local or national organizations engaged in advancing integrated project delivery.

For more information, contact DBIA Certification.

DBIA University Program

Delivering Design-Build Curriculum to Universities

DBIA’s higher education curriculum includes practical “how to” courses about design-build. Courses utilize interactive learning strategies to teach topics ranging from an introduction of design-build techniques to advanced application of design-build concepts. All are designed to impart practical learning which can be utilized in the office and on the job.

DBIA’s four “core courses” are the cornerstone of our educational and certification programs and include: Fundamentals of Project Delivery, Principles of Design-Build Project Delivery, Design-Build Contracts and Risk Management and Post Award Design-Build.

Any approved construction, architecture or engineering college professor can utilize the DBIA Core Course Curriculum if they have attended the Design-Build Educator Workshop or one of DBIA’s instructor-led courses. Our goal is to ensure that the industry’s Design-Build Done Right® education is taught consistently to students nationwide building a foundation for future success.

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