Owners Scholarships

Take Advantage of DBIA’s Owner-Only Offers

DBIA offers Owners ways to maximize their access to the nation’s best design-build resources through Owners scholarships, education course discounts and membership savings

Owners qualify for registration scholarships to DBIA Conferences.

Our goal is to help all of America’s Owners succeed using design-build. DBIA’s design-build conferences are among the most effective ways to network, learn first-hand from Owner peers and receive Design-Build Done Right® education all in one location. We want you there.

DBIA has awarded a quarter-million dollars in Owner scholarships, and while we can’t guarantee all requests will be granted, the Owners Scholarship Fund was created to help defray the cost of attendance for qualified Owners coming from throughout the nation.

  • Owners can apply for complimentary conference registration
  • Non-members may apply
  • Applicants will be notified of the status of their request via email


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Sean Matlock, Missouri Department of Transportation

“This is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Having an opportunity to network with others from all over the country and learn how they use design-build on their projects not only allows your organization to learn, it also gives you a creative spark on other ways you can utilize the design-build process.”


Design-Build Course Discounts

Owners save hundreds of dollars on DBIA education courses and can pay up to half-price on DBIA certification.

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Owner Member Discounts

Our members earn valuable discounts on all they do with DBIA; Owner members save even more.

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