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DBIA Code of Professional Conduct

DBIA’s Code of Professional Conduct helps to ensure our industry meets the highest level of ethical conduct, professionalism and service. All DBIA and Assoc. DBIA credential holders are required to read and adhere to the Code.

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Don’t Let Your Certification Expire

All Designated Design-Build Professional® credential holders must renew their certification every two years. This means that by December 31 of your two-year anniversary year, you must have accrued 24 hours of approved continuing education credit, which can be obtained through online learning or attending a DBIA Conference. For example, if you were certified in 2023, your renewal is due on December 31, 2025, no matter in which month you were certified.

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Renewal Fees

DBIA Members: $50

Non-Members: $150

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)

There are many different types of programs and activities that qualify for continuing education hours. This list is not all-inclusive, and other programs may qualify for credit if they are deemed by the Design-Build Certification Board to provide direct value to your success as a Designated Design-Build Professional®.

Conferences, Courses, Workshops, Webinars

Examples of these include:

  • DBIA conferences held at National, Regional and Local levels
  • DBIA education programs other than the core courses required to gain certification (held at National, Regional and Local levels)
  • Webinar options — Live and Recorded
  • Education provided by related industry organizations including (but not limited to) USBGC, AIA, AGC, ACE, etc. (maximum allowed from this area is 12 credit hours)*
  • In-house training programs offered by companies with structured education offerings (maximum allowed from this area is 12 CEHs)*

*When submitting credit obtained from organizations other than DBIA, please attach brief, supplemental information about the program. This can include a copy of the agenda, speaker bios and/or a copy of the program description. This information is necessary to demonstrate the program’s applicability to design-build project delivery.

Serving in a DBIA Leadership Capacity

This includes:

  • DBIA National Board of Directors or Design-Build Certification Board (12 hours)
  • Region or Chapter Board (8 hours)
  • DBIA Awards Juror (6 hours)
  • DBIA National, Region or Chapter Committee Chair (4 hours)

Maximum allowed from this area is 12 CEHs.

Inactive Status

DBIA Inactive Status provides DBIA® and Assoc. DBIA® credential holders a one-year period in which to meet their recertification requirements. Inactive Status is available to credential holders who currently do not meet their renewal requirements but do not wish to lose their certification status. During this Inactive Status, the DBIA® or Assoc. DBIA® MAY NOT BE USED. The deadline to apply for this status is December 1 of the year in which your renewal is due.

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Retired Status

If you are a DBIA® or Assoc. DBIA® credential holder who has retired from design-build work in a professional capacity, you may request that “retired” status be designated on your certification records. Your certification will then be left in good standing and will not lapse or be deleted from your certification records. Retired credential holders are not required to collect or submit continuing education credits.

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