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DBIA is Working to Bring Design-Build to Every State

Design-Build is the fastest growing project delivery method in the nation. Why? Because in virtually every state, design-build now delivers highly successful projects that meet and exceed expectations for cost, schedule and innovation.

Research over decades has consistently shown the innovation and collaboration inherent in design-build leads to faster project delivery, with more reliable performance and less cost and schedule growth. In fact, design-build has been at the heart of rebuilding efforts in states from coast-to-coast. Thousands of bridge, highway, rail, school and building recovery projects have been delivered quickly and cost-effectively thanks to design-build. Read about specific project examples in our Design-Build in Times of Crisis.

Currently, only two states limit agencies’ use of design-build. View the national map to see each states’ ability to use design-build.

State Legislation

Design-build has swept the nation as lawmakers embrace collaboration and innovation to engineer higher quality outcomes for the infrastructure projects their communities need.

DBIA’s advocacy team monitors legislation impacting the design-build industry nationwide and works with local and state lawmakers to enact effective integrated delivery laws and regulations.

DBIA offers a number of legislative resources to help guide project delivery decision-making in our online Bookstore, including:

  • Guide for Enactment of Design-Build LegislationThis guide creates a road map to secure approval of collaborative project delivery methods, specifically design-build, by legislative and regulatory bodies, as well as stakeholders in the design and construction industry.
  • Model Legislation: DBIA developed this sample model legislative language for Best Value Selection and Progressive Design-Build, which can be used as drafted or modified to meet the specific requirements of the state government or legislators.
  • 2024 State Statute Report: A guide to state design-build laws providing Owners, lawmakers and industry professionals with the statutory information needed to guide their project delivery decision making.

If you have further questions about legislation in your area, contact our Advocacy and Outreach Department.

Pending Legislation

DBIA tracks legislation in all 50 states which could impact project delivery and the ability to deliver innovative projects through design-build or other integrated approaches. From budget bills to legislation which advances, or even rolls back, the power of collaboration and innovation inherent to design-build, DBIA’s legislative team works to ensure state legislators understand why design-build is the most efficient, fastest growing and most popular delivery process in the nation.

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