Building Better Networks

DBIA is an organization where excellence is built, taught, and shared. Join our community as a mentor or mentee and together we’ll shape the future, one successful collaboration at a time.

Design-Build Mentorship Done Right

Why Participate?

The purpose of the DBIA Mentoring Program is to cultivate time-honored, meaningful mentorship opportunities for members of DBIA -- both Owners and industry practitioners. Through engagement with experienced DBIA certified professionals, the mentoring relationship will provide valuable support and guidance to mentees as they navigate their careers, explore new career paths, and consider unique design-build opportunities in various career fields, market sectors and/or regions.

How it Works

DBIA members who are also DBIA Certified Professionals (DBIA™) in good standing can qualify as a mentor. Mentors will complete a short online profile that allows us to make a good match with a potential mentee. Mentors will commit to their mentees for at least one-year.

Mentee applicants (students, young professionals or existing industry professionals seeking specific guidance) will also complete an online application form to begin the match-making process. Once a match is made, DBIA will connect the mentor and mentee to begin their relationship.

Become a Mentor

Collaboration is who we are. That’s why it’s so important experienced design-builders connect with new industry members and students to help us fuel the connections vital to our industry. Becoming a DBIA mentor is easy. Learn about the mentor’s roles and expectations then complete a short application so that we can start the process and find the perfect match for you.

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Looking for a Mentor?

A mentoring relationship can make all the difference in your career. Make that connection with a DBIA certified professional (DBIA™) to help inspire not just your projects but your future.

Before you begin your application, please take a moment and look through the DBIA Mentor’s database to find your top three choices for mentors based on your career interests and need. Then, complete your mentee application here.