Design-Build Educator Workshop

DBIA’s annual Educator Workshop provides design-build curriculum for professors and instructors to teach the principles of Design-Build Done Right™.

Teaching the Teachers

With courses tailored specifically for educators, the Educator Workshop not only teaches faculty the key elements and principles of design-build, but also how to incorporate design-build best practices into dynamic and innovate curriculums. Co-hosted by the Charles Pankow Foundation, more than 60 educators from 52 different universities across the country have attended since the workshop’s inception in 2014.

Thanks to the Charles Pankow Foundation for their generous support of DBIA’s Educator Workshop.

2017 Educator Workshop

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Kristina Yu, AIA, NCARB, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico

“The workshop sessions were led by excellent instructors and leaders who have expert knowledge in design-build construction projects. We were given insight into current award-winning projects in Denver. I gained significant and important information regarding the benefits design-build projects in the legal area of risk and liability. This workshop was a great opportunity to connect to other passionate professors who want to provide the latest and best practices in the construction field. It was truly inspiring.”

John Hannon, Associate Professor in the School of Construction, University of Southern Mississippi

“The workshop’s effect on me was an internalization of the workshop’s design-build principles and attitude, which was reinforced by the jobsite visit and interviewing the jobsite staff. My paradigm on construction management is now inverted. I highly recommend this workshop to faculty with limited industry experience in general and to veterans that have not experienced project delivery that is integrated.”

Austin Marshall, J.D., Clinical Professor, College of Engineering at the University of Texas

“The Educator Workshop was fantastic. The presenters were great and brought a wealth of experience. I recommend this program to everyone in our field!"

What to Expect

Workshop attendees receive a crash course in the most important aspects of design-build project delivery during this three-day course. DBIA’s experienced instructors cover everything from contracts and risk management to post-award design-build, providing attendees a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of design-build.

These core courses are led by design-build experts and professionals who have worked in the construction industry for years, with extensive design-build experience in key curriculum areas. DBIA’s Educator Workshop participants leave our classroom with the expertise and ability to teach design-build methods to their undergraduate and graduate students, helping them prepare for a future where design-build continues to play a growing role in project delivery nationwide.

Overview, Objectives and Scholarships

Overview and Objectives

The value of design-build has increased in today’s industry, and recent trends indicate that design-build will be a vital source of knowledge and expertise for industry professionals in the future. Universities play a major role in exposing students to design-build and its value to the industry, as well as educating them on best practices and opportunities for collaboration. As such, the Educator Workshop has specific goals and objectives for its participants.

  1. To teach the core content that lays the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and elements of effective project delivery.
  2. To assist faculty in incorporating DBIA’s core courses into their curriculum so students receive a well-rounded education. This includes opportunities for interdisciplinary interaction within the college through coursework to gain a competitive advantage upon graduation.
  3. To hear from industry professionals and recent graduates about how to access design-build curriculum while in school, which not only helps emerging professionals as they enter the workforce but the firms that hire them.
  4. To gain an understanding of the value and process of DBIA™ certification for both faculty and students to further establish themselves as design-build professionals.

Scholarship Information

The 2018 Educator Workshop will be held August 13-15, 2018 at the University of Denver. A limited number of scholarships are available for faculty and academia. The deadline to submit an application is June 14, 2018.

Scholarships are available for qualified university faculty, which are individuals teaching in accredited, baccalaureate programs that prepare graduates for entry-level success in the U.S. building construction industry.

Full scholarships for the workshop include tuition, travel, lodging and meals. Faculty receiving scholarships will also receive a waived fee for components of DBIA certification including the online prep course, the application and the certification exam.

Scholarships are granted based on the following factors:

  • Identification of a Faculty Champion. At least one faculty member is knowledgeable and passionate about DBIA principles, practices and enhancing student learning. Preference will be given to faculty who have received prior DBIA training or education.
  • Faculty Can Teach Design-Build. The department can identify faculty and industry adjuncts who are qualified, or can be well-prepared, to teach design-build curriculum topics.
  • Commitment at the Top. A Department Head (or equivalent) that has the authority to enhance their program’s curriculum content in design-build topics and is committed to this goal.

Though not required, all scholarship recipients are encouraged to seek design-build certification. Attending the workshop satisfies all core course/educational requirements for the credential. All that would be left after the workshop is for the faculty to complete an application to the Design-Build Certification Board for approval and to pass a comprehensive exam. Those receiving scholarships will be offered:

  • Fee Waiver for the application fee and he certification exam fee as long as it is completed within six months of the workshop (February 28 of the following year)
  • Fee Waiver for the online Exam Prep Course, to serve as a refresher for faculty prior to sitting for the exam.
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