Owner's Boot Camp

Jump start your design-build training in a course created just for Owners

Owner's Bootcamp

Design-Build Training Built Specifically for Owners by America’s Design-Build Experts

DBIA believes design-build is only as successful as the Owners who deliver it. That’s why we’ve created our popular Owner’s Bootcamp, targeting Design-Build Done Right® training to address the needs and challenges facing new design-build Owners. In just three days, our experienced and nationally-respected educators will put you on the path to design-build success.

3 Days of Design-Build Every Owner Needs

Jump start your design-build training with an intensive 3-day course designed specifically for Owners.

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Super-Charged Source Selection

This course serves as a primer providing an overview of the two-phase design-build source selection process — the initial down-select to identify the most highly qualified firms as well as the final down-select to choose the ultimate winner.

Performance Requirements: The Key to Effective RFPs

This “hands-on” workshop will walk students through the writing of performance-based requirements. Working on a fictitious project, students will work under the guidance of skilled facilitators in a brainstorming session to determine functional/operational requirements, goals and restraints, and correlation of goals to performance characteristics.

High-Performance Contracting

In traditional design-bid-build, contracts often contemplate only failure, with provisions and clauses that address what the aversive consequences will be once failure occurs. The most powerful design-build contracts, on the other hand, are written to include approaches such as award fee incentives to promote cooperation, teamwork and collaboration. Combined with the effective use of performance requirements, these “aspirational contracts” help the contracting parties to achieve extraordinary success.

DBIA will personalize training to fit your specific needs, so please submit a request and we’ll create a custom proposal.

Owner's Bootcamp

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