Federal, State, County, Municipal

1021 O Street State Office Building

Sacramento, CA

1021 O Street State Office Building

2023 | Federal / State / County / Municipal | National Award — Excellence | National Award — Merit

1021 O Street State Office Building


Project of the Year:

The 1021 O Street State Office Building serves as a benchmark for future DGS buildings, setting a new standard for sustainability and flexibility for California. The state’s first all-electric building is Net-Zero Energy, Net-Zero Carbon, meets CalGreen Tier 2 requirements, and has achieved LEED Platinum status. It was designed for long-lasting durability, with a timeless aesthetic and the use of high-quality, sustainable materials, including over 150 products with Health Product Declarations, 75 with material ingredient reporting, and 100% FSC certified wood. Despite challenges like the pandemic and wildfires, the team’s trust in the progressive design-build method was crucial in developing an acceleration plan to recover lost time and meet the critical move-in date. The project is a purposeful building that embraces the community by presenting transparency in government within an elegant, innovative design.

Best in Process – Progressive Design-Build:

The Department of General Services, drawing upon over two decades of design-build experience, oversaw California’s pilot venture into progressive design-build on the 1021 O Street Office Building project. They selected the design-build team and key trade partners based heavily on qualifications, including experience, reputation, and a track record of collaboration, with four project team members DBIA Certified. The entire team was committed to developing a culture of active engagement and continuous improvement, adopting a “How Do” philosophy, where failure wasn’t an option. The team implemented formal partnering that included cross-discipline team focus groups created to address major project risks identified as a group. Because of the PDB approach used for the project, the team could project cost savings and, as a gesture of trust and good faith within the team, returned $10 million to the state.

Excellence in Federal/State/County/Municipal Facilities

Merit Award – Federal/State/County/Municipal Facilities

The 1021 O Street State Office Building will serve as the temporary home for California’s legislative and executive elected officials and staff while the State of California Capital Annex is being designed and constructed, and fulfills critical office space infrastructure needs for the state in the long term. The project was one of California’s first forays into Progressive Design-Build, and innovation was very much a priority for the project team which included several DBIA credential holders in leadership roles.

The result was a groundbreaking building that set a new standard for sustainability and flexibility. The building is California’s first net-zero, all-electric state office building, achieving LEED Platinum status and featuring renewable energy, energy efficient building systems, recycled materials, natural day lighting, native vegetation and water-conserving design. The building is powered by 100% renewable energy through community solar agreements, resulting in 103% energy savings. The project achieved the maximum number of LEED Innovation points for strategies including construction waste diversion, integrated pest management, green cleaning policies and low mercury lamps. An interactive dashboard in the building lobby shares live metering of climate, air quality, and the building’s energy consumption and renewable energy generation.

Tackling Challenges to Deliver Project on Time

The project was awarded to the design-build team with a hard end date, based on the State Legislature’s governing schedule. The team tackled this challenge from the beginning, with a project design that could be built quickly. The COVID-19 pandemic threatened to derail the project’s schedule, but the project team made the decision to use shift work, running two shift crews essentially 24/7. They managed to persevere to meet the original deadline despite the challenges, which allowed the state to maintain their legislative calendar. It is estimated that if they had missed the completion date, it would have cost the government up to $130 million in delays.

The 1021 O Street State Office Building embodies the state of California’s goals to achieve carbon neutrality and serves as a benchmark for future California Department of General Services buildings, setting a new standard for sustainability and flexibility for the state.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: California Department of General Services
Design-Build Firm: Hensel Phelps
Architects: HOK, Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects
Engineers: Frank M. Booth, Morton & Pitalo, Rosendin Electric
Specialty Contractors: J.W, McClenahan Co, Kleinfelder West Inc., Crosby Group
Owner Advisor: Gilbane
Project Cost: $435.6 Million
Construction Duration: 40 Months

1021 O Street State Office Building

1021 O Street State Office Building

1021 O Street State Office Building