Lawton Valley and Station No. 1 Water Treatment Plants Design-Build

Lawton Valley and Station No. 1 Water Treatment Plants Design-Build

2015 | National Award — Excellence | National Award — Merit | Water / Wastewater

Challenge Design-Build Project Delivery Addressed

On this project, both sites had elevated levels of arsenic in soils. The joint-venture (JV) conducted comprehensive sampling and soil characterization to define the limit and extent of the contamination. Working as a joint-venture, there was constant feedback during the design to ensure that the proposed solutions were in line with the proposed cost. By keeping regulatory stakeholders abreast of the project schedules and obtaining early buy-in, a good relationship was fostered. To address the soil problem, the JV continued to work closely with the regulators to define a disposal protocol. Finally, the JV managed the soil disposal and completed a closeout plan.


As a resort community, Newport, Rhode Island, is faced with higher water demands during the summer when raw water quality is at its poorest. In addition, increased drinking water quality regulations and water treatment plant capacity and reliability issues prompted the City to seek a new solution that best serves local residents and businesses. The Newport Water System is a regional system providing public drinking water to three communities, both retail and wholesale. To meet a looming Consent Order date and to achieve the goals of quality, cost, schedule and risk, the City decided to use design-build for the water system improvements. The heart of the project was the replacement of an aging water treatment plant (WTP) at Lawton Valley and the upgrade of a second location, the Station No. 1 WTP located in Newport. The Station No. 1 WTP was 25 years old and was in need of significant upgrades. Finished water production at the upgraded plant is 9 million gallons per day and the improvements include a new rapid mix, coagulation chamber, retrofit of the existing sludge blanket clarifier tanks with a new high-rate Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System, new chemical feed equipment, laboratory improvements and post-filter absorbers using granular activated carbon.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: City of Newport, Rhode Island
Design-Builder: AECOM and C.H. Nickerson Joint Venture
General Contractor: C.H. Nickerson & Co., Inc.
Architect: AECOM
Engineer: AECOM
Duration of Construction: 30 months
Project Cost: $63,638,320