Midland Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Expansion

Midland, TX

Midland Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Expansion

2022 | National Award — Merit | Water / Wastewater

Photo Credit: Red Wing Photos

This $133.5 million wastewater project upgraded Midland’s Water Pollution Control Plant and was executed as a progressive design-build public-private partnership. The City of Midland operates the plant improvements, and they were actively involved in design decisions that affect operability. Pioneer needed the project to produce the necessary volumes of water while limiting construction cost. As the engineer, Jacobs considered the needs of both parties and designed improvements that met all objectives, including expandability to meet future needs. Upgrades included secondary treatment processes: bioreactor, secondary clarification, filtration, disinfection, effluent pump station, solids thickening/dewatering, anaerobic digestion and chemical facilities. The completed project, in service since January 2021, represents the culmination of seven years of planning and design.

Progressive Design-Build Transparency Leads to Successful Project Execution

To support their commitment to provide a sustainable supply of water during a booming economy and a significant demand for in west Texas, Pioneer turned to Jacobs and the City of Midland to help solve this challenge. Jacobs evaluated the feasibility to expand and upgrade the aging infrastructure at the Midland Water Pollution Control Plant to meet the goals and objectives of this private client, and ultimately put in place a PDB contract to deliver this project. This delivery method supported an open and collaborative environment to achieve budget goals and schedule milestones over the life of the project.

The team worked together to optimize the best value for dollar spent while quickly addressing budget issues as they arose. This transparency in the budget led to efficient execution of the overall project and when the design progressed, the team was able to work on an accelerated schedule. The successful completion of the project left the City of Midland with a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant; Pioneer with a long-term reliable water source for its oilfield operations; and nearby freshwater resources are being sustainably managed for future generations.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: Pioneer Water Management LLC
Design-Build Firm: Jacobs
General Contractor: Jacobs
Architect: Jacobs
Engineer: Jacobs
Specialty Contractors: PLW Waterworks LLC
Construction Duration: 26 Months
Project Cost: $134 Million