PepsiCo Worldwide Flavors Factory

PepsiCo Worldwide Flavors Factory

2018 | Industrial / Process / Research Facilities | National Award — Merit

PepsiCo Worldwide Flavors Factory

Challenge Design-Build Project Delivery Addressed

In Singapore, the permitting and construction environment operates very differently from that of North America. For the Pepsi Worldwide Flavors project, the design-builder had to get sign-offs from 65 different authority agencies. Many of these were tied to the unique design obstacles associated with this project. In addition, the team had to comply with over 930 owner directed changes during the main project execution and approximately 200 additional changes during start-up and commissioning. For each change, the team utilized a three-step process to confirm that they understood the client’s request; confirm the scope and ROM price adjustments that resulted from that change; and confirm final scope acceptance and funding approval from the owner before proceeding.


When global beverage producer PepsiCo settled on Singapore to build a greenfield, state-of-the-art concentrate production plant for its Pepsi Worldwide Flavors (PWF) business, they knew they needed the right team to meet their safety, quality and performance goals. Haskell fulfilled that role on this project, uniting a team with more than 19 different nationalities from 11 different office locations around the world to overcome monsoon season, more than 1,000 owner-directed changes and a number of other obstacles to complete this project on schedule, on budget and with only one reported safety incident for over 1.4 million manhours of work.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: PepsiCo
Design-Builder, Project Manager: Haskell Private Ltd.
General Contractor: Sato Kogyo
Architect, Engineer, Specialty Contractor: The Haskell Company
Specialty Consultant: Fiss Design
Duration of Construction: 19 months
Project Cost: $ 70,000,000