The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple

Quito, Ecuador

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple

2022 | Civic/Assembly | National Award — Merit

The Temple is located in Cumbayá, one of Quito’s two most important valleys. The project includes four constructed buildings: the Temple (36.780 sq. ft.), ancillary (23.463 sq. ft.), mechanical (3.791 sq. ft.) and guardhouse (161 sq. ft.). This design-build project was developed with local designer RVC Architects. It was important for the team to create designs inspired by tropical themes and materials to capture qualities native to the location that would be both relaxing and inviting to users. The team utilized local materials, construction methods and design elements to tropicalize the space’s appearance. The Temple of Quito has become a significant landmark of the City of Quito and the Cumbayá Valley development and a place of spiritual and architectural reference that demonstrates the importance of simplicity, finesse, symmetry, duality and harmony.

Design-Build + Local Expertise Drives Maximum Value

Using design-build allowed valuable design and construction collaboration. Striking the proper balance between quality, cost and schedule was a critical goal for the team. Design-build allowed the project to cut expenses by saving approximately $1.6M on construction costs and provide a more expedited progression of the building process. The team could promptly solve construction issues, review submittals before construction started, and create RFIs at a faster rate than if done separately, allowing it to tackle challenges before they became more complex or costly. The design-build model’s ongoing communication was essential to achieving the Church’s high expectations for quality, responsibility and accountability. Beyond the usual budget, schedule and layout considerations, the Church had expectations for a tropicalized design and construction, which was both challenging and rewarding. Local consultants and designers were hired to provide valuable local knowledge of regional climate, materials and equipment; while allocating the necessary resources and subject matter experts for training, monitoring and supervising them. This pairing ensured opportunities were maximized for both aesthetics and quality.

Design-Build Team

Owner: The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Design-Build Firm: The Haskell Company
Architect: The Haskell Company
Engineer: Microcircuitos
Specialty Contractors: Belt Forge
Owner Advisor: The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Construction Duration: 28 Months