Rehabilitation, Renovation and/or Restoration

Woodward Drake Renovation

Fort Collins, Colorado

Woodward Drake Renovation

2019 | National Award — Excellence | National Award — Merit | Rehabilitation / Renovation / Restoration

Woodward Drake Renovation

This 155,000-square-foot, 35.5-acre campus renovation required a design that integrated the research and design segments of Woodward with the manufacturing and production for the aerospace and industrial markets. The project goal was modernization of the 50-year-old facility, enhancing the work environment and safety for occupants, creating a stronger connection between departments that aligned with Woodward’s corporate culture. The final design involved introducing more natural daylighting into the building as part of a “Main Street” concept between office and production areas that serves as a visual and physical connection. This vaulted space, complete with meeting and break areas, allows for interaction between groups that were historically separated. Providing access flooring in office areas, eliminating walls in production areas, and minimizing permanent “monuments” that future reconfiguration of the space would need to work around, ensured that the resulting space will accommodate the future needs of Woodward.

Project Collaboration Enhances Corporate Collaboration

Integrating Woodward into the design-build process allowed for a seamless, informed decision-making process. Constant communication with design-build partners reinforced that project goals were adhered to. Being constantly mindful of building operations and exercising agility to minimize impacts to occupants kept business-as-usual for Woodward and solidified an on-going business relationship between the client and the design-build team. This successful collaboration delivered a workspace with a vital energy that was lacking in the previous space, which emphasized separation and enclosure, rather than speaking to the unified mission of the overall company.

Design-Build Team

Client/Owner: Woodward, Inc.
Design-Build Firm: M.A. Mortenson
General Contractor: M.A. Mortenson
Architect: MOA Architecture
Engineer: Martin / Martin
Specialty Contractors: Murphy Company
Project Manager: M.A. Mortenson
Project Cost: $28,637,672.00
Construction Duration: 18 Months

Photo Credit: Vic Moss, Moss Photography