Blain Grover, DBIA, LEED

Industry Professional

Preconstruction Manager
Fortis Construction, Inc.

Blain Grover has demonstrated continued leadership in expanding design-build delivery in the Oregon market and within his organization, Fortis Construction. Blain developed Fortis’ “Design-Build Playbook” deploying a unique delivery of design-build customized to his organization’s business model and culture. This platform is providing clients an A+ level of design-build delivery using “Design-Build Done Right” principles. Working with regional owners such as the Oregon Military Department (OMD), Nike, Inc. and Portland Public Schools (to name a few), Blain has worked tirelessly educating clients about the benefits of design-build. He championed design-build for the delivery of OMD’s new state of the art Joint Force Headquarters in Salem, Oregon. This project has become a model for other state agencies in design-build delivery. Currently, Blain’s Design-Build Done Right™ work is being demonstrated leading a $10 million design-build middle school project for Portland Public Schools, which is one of Oregon’s first public K-12 design-build projects. There’s no denying Blain’s dedication to expand design-build in the Pacific Northwest and proving to clients how it can deliver better projects.