Linnell Stanhope, DBIA

Industry Practitioner

Linnell Stanhope has been a driving force in promoting, educating and influencing the adoption of design-build practices across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions for the past three decades. Stanhope is unwavering in her dedication to design-build. In 2010, she worked with DBIA to develop and enact North Carolina Legislation enabling design-build. She was awarded the prestigious Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5S) award in 2019 from NC One Water, honoring her contributions to the industry. As a founding member of the DBIA Carolinas Chapter and the DBIA Central Virginia Chapter, Stanhope has played a crucial part in influencing the future of design-build in these regions and continues to serve on the Boards and Committees of DBIA National and Local Chapters.