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From the Aviation to Water/Wastewater sectors, and everything in between, national design-build project winners are diverse, innovative, complex and most of all, impressive.

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Duplicate Award Trophies

If you, your team members, clients or industry partners are interested in ordering additional awards to celebrate your winning project, please contact awards@dbia.org.

What Makes a Winner?

There are thousands of successful design-build projects throughout our nation. So, what makes the difference between a great design-build project and the exceptional? DBIA Awards jurors give us a peak into the lengthy judging process and what they look for in their deliberations.

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Start Planning for Your Design-Build Project/Team Award Entry

The Project/Team awards submissions process will re-open in 2023. Take a look at detailed information about projects submitted in previous years, including award winners, in our Projects Database and start planning your awards submission.

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