A Bridge Too Far?: Latest Design-Build Delivers Podcast Tackles New Position Statement on Bridging Documents

Last month, DBIA released Prescriptive Design and the Use of Bridging Documents, a new position statement that aligns with DBIA’s Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices. By encouraging Owners to limit prescriptive requirements and bridging documents in favor of requirements based on performance, the guidance provided in the new position statement allows for the flexibility and innovation design-build is known for.

But how this works in practice can be a bit confusing. What do we mean by “extensive?” What should Owners do instead? Is there a happy medium?

We invited Bill Kent, LEED AP, FDBIA, and Shailendra Patel, PE, FDBIA, to the February 2024 episode of the Design-Build Delivers Podcast, brought to you by USCAD, to answer those questions and more. Their insights answered several questions about the new position statement and helped illustrate just where it fits into the greater design-build landscape.


Market Executive

Shailendra Patel, PE, FDBIA
Alternative Project Delivery Division Administrator
Virginia Department of Transportation 

Stay tuned for more from this episode with Design-Build Delivers Minisodes, longer conversations with our guests. Coming soon!

  • Prescriptive Requirements ≠ Quantum Mechanics: Defining Bridging and Justifying DBIA’s Position (01:47)
  • Why Have a Position Statement on Prescriptive Requirements, Anyway? (09:02)
  • Extensive and Necessary: Quantifying Subjective Terms by Considering Sector-Based and Project-Based Goals (03:57)
  • Are There Exceptions? (Kind of.) And How to Manage Them (11:41)
  • It All Comes Back to Design-Build Done Right®: How a Position Statement on the Use of Bridging Documents Supports DBIA’s Best Practices (14:45)
  • Time is Money, My Friend: Preparation of Bridging Documents Can Impact Schedule, Budget on Design-Build Projects (18:54)
  • ICYMI: It All Comes Back to Design-Build Done Right® (21:46)


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