Are You Ready for DBIA Project/Team Awards Season? Prove It with Awards Trivia

Building a successful design-build project is hard. Entering it into the DBIA Design-Build Project/Team Awards is not. All the information you need to submit your projects for the 2024 DBIA awards cycle can be found in our submission guidelines and FAQsSubmit projects for consideration by the Friday, May 31 deadline.

Learn what makes a winning project, relive the excitement of last year’s awards or simply admire the best of the best in Design-Build Done Right® by exploring previous winners. 

Or you can have a little fun with it. Play DBIA Awards Trivia for a chance to be featured on DBIA’s social media. The top three scorers will receive a congratulatory post –– AKA, bragging rights –– celebrating your DBIA Project/Team Awards expertise. 

Each question has a correct answer that you can find on the DBIA website (hint: they’re all Project/Team Awards questions). 

At the end of the quiz, you will have the option to see correct answers and how you stack up against other players (hey, it’s just a bit of fun! No judgment here!). Choose “View Scores” when you complete the quiz if you’d like to see your score, review both your correct and incorrect answers and learn more about DBIA’s Project/Team awards.

Ready to play? Enter the DBIA Awards Trivia Contest now!

Note: You do not have to include your name, company and/or location, but if you’d like to be featured on social media, we will need a name –– preferably your name but we’ll accept an alias if it makes us laugh.