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DBIA’s 2023 Education Schedule is Impressive

 The new year brings new challenges and opportunities for America’s design-build teams, and DBIA is ready to help by offering the nation’s only Design-Build Done Right® education. Whether you want the engagement of a classroom or the quiet convenience of your computer, DBIA has the education and training for you. And with more options than ever before, we’re excited to see you in 2023.

2023 Design-Build Done Right® Education Preview

23 Elective Courses

13 Virtual Certification Workshops

12 Hybrid Certification Workshops in these cities

Los Angeles                       New York City

Denver                              Honolulu

Charlotte                           Orlando

Seattle                               Dallas

Portland                             Atlanta

Sacramento                       Washington, D.C.

 4 Extended Certification Workshops

New 2023 Webinar Series for DBIA Members

Register now for one of our many Certification Workshops and individual courses. A wide array of conference recordings are also in our DBIA Learning Center to download and enjoy at your convenience. DBIA Custom Training is also one of our most popular options. Whether you’re gearing up for a new project or just need targeted training for your staff, DBIA’s team of design-build professional instructors can work with you to customize a course specific to your needs.

Visit DBIA’s Learning Center to see our full 2023 course schedule and manage your coursework, CEUs and certificates. Accessing the nation’s only Design-Build Done Right® training has never been easier.

Download and share our Education Calendar with your teams, then Register early to save your spot!