BIMForum Seeking Public Comment on 2023 Level of Development (LOD) Specification

DBIA is excited to continue to be a Collaborating Organization on the 10th Anniversary Edition of the BIMForum 2023 Level of Development (LOD) Specification, now open for public comment until Jan. 15, 2024.

Check out the specification: BIMForum LOD Specification

As outlined in DBIA’s VDC Primer, it is crucial to merge BIM (the tool) and LOD (the language) to properly employ VDC (the process). LOD, serving as a universal language, enhances the comprehension of building elements, systems and assemblies in a BIM-enabled environment. Its continuous evolution makes it a vital component for design-build teams to effectively communicate the reliability of geometric models.

From BIMForum:

The intent of this Specification is to help explain the LOD framework and standardize its use so that it becomes more useful as a communication tool. It does not prescribe what Levels of Development are to be reached at what point in a project but leaves the specification of the model progression to the user of this document. To accomplish the document’s intent, its primary objectives are:

  • To help teams, including owners, to specify BIM deliverables and to get a clear picture of what will be included in a BIM deliverable
  • To help design managers explain to their teams the information and detail that needs to be provided at various points in the design process
  • To provide a standard that can be referenced by contracts and BIM execution plans.

We invite you to review this latest version and share your comments and feedback before Jan. 15, 2024. Your input will be considered by the BIMForum, shaping the future of LOD.