Building Beautifully: New Design-Build Delivers Podcast Episode Tackles Sustainable Building


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Building Beautifully: Weaving Sustainability Into the Built Environment

October 2023

Climate change and sustainability touch every corner of the news cycle and every corner of our lives –– as they should. We’re increasingly aware of how important it is to take action to mitigate the man-made impacts on the climate, and the built environment is taking stock of how to address climate change and increase sustainability. In this episode of the Design-Build Delivers Podcast, Molly Jones talks about Building Beautifully, her 2024 book that tackles how project delivery method impacts sustainability.

President, Jones Design Studio, PLLC

Topic 1: How Molly’s Mother Set Her Path (01:13)

Topic 2: Tackling an Old Subject with New Tools (04:13)

Topic 3: Defining Building Beautifully (06:41)

Topic 4: What We Do at the Start Affects What We Can Do at the End (08:04)

Topic 5: Every Member of a Design-Build Team Plays a Role, but Owners Must Lead (09:13)

Topic 6: How Design-Build is Situated to Improve Sustainability (11:16)

Topic 7: Lessons from the Past: How Research and Climate Records Can Tell Us How to Move Forward (14:08)

Topic 8: What Does a Beautifully Built Project Look Like? (21:25)

Topic 9: DBIA Plays a Role in Building Beautifully, Sustainably (22:19)

Topic 10: Small-Scale Owner Goals Can Go a Long Way (26:00)

Topic 11: Nothing Good is Ever Easy, But It’s Worth It (28:40)

Topic 12: Building Beautifully Builds Better Communities (30:22)

Topic 13: A Football (Elevator?) Pitch for Building Beautifully (34:26)


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