Building Resilient Infrastructure to Create Strong Communities


June 2022

We’ve seen how natural and manmade events can impose devastating costs upon our projects, infrastructure, and society. Whether it’s pandemics, climate change or other challenges facing communities, the costs of these events can be staggering. More than ever, it’s vital that project teams make resiliency an integral part of their design and build approach. But how?

In this episode of DBIA’s Design-Build Delivers podcast, we talk to three experts on a wide range of resiliency topics, including defining resilience, building social resilience, the critical role design-build collaboration plays in successful resilience programs, using technology to advance resilience, and so much more.


Brian Skripac – VDC Director, Design-Build Institute of America

Ryan Colker – Vice President of Innovation, International Code Council

Troy Gates – Director of Innovation, US CAD

Episode Topics

Topic 1: What is resiliency, really? (2:50)

Topic 2: Project Resiliency vs. Sustainability (4:37)

Topic 3: Community and Social Resilience (5:51)

Topic 4: Design-Build’s Collaborative Role in Improving Resiliency (8:07)

Topic 5: Reactive vs. Proactive Approaches (9:38)

Topic 6: Using Technology to Build Resilience (12:33)

Topic 7: Using Digital Twins (14:33)

Topic 8: Determining Community Resilience Vulnerabilities (18:39)

Topic 9: Where are the biggest challenges and highest resilience ROIs? (21:58)

Topic 10: Maximizing life-cycle approaches on projects (23:29)

Topic 11: Using offsite construction in resiliency plans (28:55)

Topic 12: Collaboration is vital to building resilience. (29:45)


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