DBIA Members (And Their Families!) Making a Difference

Each day the headlines are filled with more sad news as our nation fights this pandemic. But there are some incredible good news stories out there too…here is just one.

As hospitals and health care facilities continue to find creative ways to provide PPE for health care workers, people have stepped up to make their own PPE and face masks while they stay home. Robynne Thaxton, a DBIA Fellow and instructor, is one of the many people helping medical professionals on the front line, by distributing face shields that her family is making in their home. Thaxton’s husband, Chuck Bass, and step-son, Wesley are putting their two 3-D printers to work to help provide PPE to health care workers.

dbia difference
An example of the shields made using the 3-D printer.

First, they researched the 3D pattern that has been approved by many hospitals.  The pattern they chose is a plastic film that covers the face, which is a simple office product – clear PVC plastic binder covers – that can be easily ordered and replaced by the health care providers, while the 3D printed plastic piece that holds it on the face can be disinfected and reused many times. By making them this way, the face shields can be remade with easily obtainable products.  By using 2 printers, they can print 4 masks at a time, producing up to 20 masks a day.

The family works together as Chuck, a software engineer, and Wesley, a high school freshman, handles production while Robynne distributes the face shields. The workers who’ve received these heartfelt donations are thrilled to get them.

Robynne shared with us that anyone with a 3-D printer can print these face shields, and there are a number of companies in the construction industry with 3D printers. We’re proud of the work our DBIA members and their families are doing to help those on the front lines during this difficult time, and we know there are plenty of other good stories out there!

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