DBIA’s 2023 Design-Build Project/Teams Awards Competition Begins

DBIA’s Design-Build Project/Team Awards winners set themselves apart in the industry as the nation’s best design-builders. Their projects are diverse, but they share one common element – excellence. Now’s the time to share your design-build project success by submitting your entry into the Design-Build Project/Team Awards competition.

Competition Awards and Categories

DBIA’s National Project/Team awards are given annually to projects that exemplify the principles of Design-Build Done Right®. Entries compete for the following honors:

  • Design-Build Merit Award
  • Design-Build Awards of Excellence
  • Chair’s Award
  • Project of the Year

We’ll honor projects/teams in ten market sectors plus special categories, including the best use of VDC, engineering, architecture, process, small projects, teaming, projects with enlightened Owners and those exemplifying meaningful DEI practices.

New in 2023 

There are some enhancements to our awards competition in 2023.

Single Submission: In years prior, applicants completed two submissions — a project and an awards submission. The updated awards process in 2023 combines those two components into an efficient and streamlined process for our competitors.

Engage the Entire Team: Award competition submitters can now invite collaborators to partner to complete the application within the submission platform. Whether you’re in the adjacent cubicle or on the other coast, you can work efficiently and effectively with various team members to help tell your project’s story.

Awards Competition Webinar: DBIA and the Awards’ Jury will be hosting an informational webinar to help prospective applicants learn more about the program, get tips on completing a submission, and valuable jury insight on what makes an award-winning project. Register to join us Wednesday, April 19 at 2:00pm (EDT) for a free webinar providing insights into what makes a DBIA award-winning entry.

Free DBIA Spotlight on Awards Webinar

And the Award Goes To…A How-To Webinar on Crafting Your

DBIA Award-Winning Submission

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

2:00 pm (Eastern)


Here are some critical dates for competitors in the 2023 National Design-Build Project/Team competition:

  • Submission Deadline: May 24, 2023
  • Extended Deadline*: May 31, 2023

 *Applicants submitting for the extended deadline will pay an additional $100 fee.


DBIA Design-Build Award Winners