DBIA’s Updated Sourcebook Consolidates Key Metrics and Future Trends

Reflecting the continuing evolution of design-build, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) recently updated its Design-Build Data Sourcebook, a comprehensive guide highlighting key metrics that demonstrate the benefits of design-build and linking to new resources and releases.

The Sourcebook, a testament to the success of design-build, is a valuable tool for project teams seeking the necessary resources to deliver successful projects. Drawing from FMI’s reports in 2021 and 2023, CII/Pankow’s 2018 findings and DBIA’s rich collection of Design-Build Done Right® resources, this guide highlights the current success of design-build with an eye on its future prospects.

Design-build, once considered an “alternative” project delivery method, has now emerged as the fastest-growing and most commonly used system in the U.S. for both private and public sector projects, with nearly half of all design and construction projects in the country employing design-build.

This approach transcends project types, spanning vertical construction, transportation and water/wastewater markets. Design-build’s efficacy in saving time and money is underscored by its encouragement of innovation and collaboration. The Design-Build Data Sourcebook outlines these advantages and compares design-build against other project delivery methods.

The downloadable PDF report breaks down pivotal design-build trends into visually appealing graphics. Whether it’s for data-driven decision-making or in-depth analysis, this Sourcebook stands out as a one-stop shop for the most current design-build facts and figures.

DBIA’s Design-Build Data Sourcebook serves as both a retrospective glance at design-build and a forward-looking guide, steering the industry toward a future where design-build continues to redefine the project delivery landscape.