Design-Build Delivers in the San Juan Unified School District

Design-build in education has seen significant growth in recent years, as schools of all shapes and sizes need the innovation and efficiencies a successful design-build project can provide. One terrific example of this is the recently completed Dyer-Kelly Elementary School in the San Juan Unified School District in California.

The two-story building is the first brand-new elementary school built in the district since 1992, created to replace the 70-year-old building that was falling apart. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of a diverse neighborhood where most students come from other countries. With an eye for creativity and invention, this project was completed and ready to open for the 2019-2020 school year.

Dyer-Kelly Elementary School
The school held a ribbon-cutting ceremony August 14 (via Facebook)

Design-build continues to deliver in the education sector, and the impact that can have on communities can’t be understated.

“Schools have the potential to lift a community,” Dyer-Kelly Principal Gianfranco Tornatore told the Sacramento Bee. “This building is really only going to enhance that and give us the access and educational opportunities to support student learning.”