Design-Build Delivers Recovery in Times of Crisis

As devastating flooding hit communities throughout California this month and Florida continues to rebuild following last fall’s Hurricane Ian, we’re reminded of the important role America’s design-build teams play in helping rebuild and recover in times of crisis.

Design-Build Reconnects Communities after Hurricane Ian

The long road to rebuilding is just beginning in rain-pummeled California as assessments reveal damage worth millions. In Florida, After Hurricane Ian devastated Lee County and damaged the Sanibel Causeway, design-build crews worked around the clock to rebuild connections to the mainland. In just 15 days, the design-build team delivered the first phase of bridge repairs more than a week ahead of schedule, allowing Sanibel Island residents to access their damaged homes using this vital infrastructure link.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Hurricane Ian devastated Lee County, and it’s now our privilege to rebuild a crucial piece of infrastructure for our fellow Floridians and neighbors. It’s not a task we take lightly,” said Superior CEO Nick Largura.

Then, crews immediately focused on the long-term repairs needed to stabilize the bridge and allow permanent and unlimited access to the island. These repairs are necessary to rebuild the community so local businesses can thrive once more, as the island’s economy heavily relies on tourism.

Building Emergency COVID hospitals and more…

McCormick Place, Chicago

Whether it’s building emergency medical facilities during a pandemic or rebuilding after devastating hurricanes, wildfires, floods or other disasters, design-build has helped communities recover more quickly and cost-effectively by delivering efficient and innovative projects on-time and budget. Over the years, design-build has delivered:

  • 100’s of COVID-19 emergency response projects
  • Infrastructure reconstruction after hurricanes Ian, Katrina & Michael (Gulf Coast), Florence (Carolinas), Sandy (NY/NJ) and Irene NY/NJ)
  • Emergency rebuild after Minneapolis 1-35 Bridge Collapse
  • Post 9/11 Pentagon reconstruction…and many more.

Design-build projects are delivered 102% faster than traditional design-bid-build from design through completion. Early collaboration allows teams to innovate to create cost and time-effective solutions while also building resiliency for the future.

See specific Design-Build in Times of Crisis case studies in this downloadable document.