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Want to know how lobbyist Beau Biller saved DBIA-Western Pacific Region’s (WPR) Marianne O’Brien and Brandon Dekker’s necks in the California Assembly? What about WPR’s Chris Sullivan and Dekker sharing the ins and outs of writing a state Progressive Design-Build (PDB) bill? 

Thanks to our new Design-Build Delivers Podcast Bonus Content, you can hear these stories and more.

Sometimes, our chats with podcast guests go long, dive into some deep stuff or –– every so often –– get a little weird. The topics we discuss are also multifaceted and can only go so far in a single episode, so we’re introducing a new way to bring you some of the better content that ends up on the cutting room floor. 

In the January episode titled “Tackling State Design-Build Legislation: California’s PDB Bill as a Starting Point,” we spoke with Brandon Dekker (Cannon Design), Chris Sullivan (Sundt Construction), Marianne O’Brien (SmithGroup) and Beau Biller (Platinum Advisors) regarding SB 706 in California. While we’ve previously covered this 2023 bill’s expansion of PDB authority, the podcast episode went further into understanding how their successful efforts in the DBIA-Western Pacific Region could serve as a blueprint for success nationwide. The episode also unveiled the updated State Statute Report and generated anticipation for the upcoming release of DBIA’s Model Legislation.

Regrettably, we couldn’t fit O’Brien’s captivating narrative about the close call they had with a hearing or the intricate steps and numerous stakeholders involved in the bill-writing process into the episode.

Enter Bonus Content, where extended individual interviews with Dekker, Sullivan, O’Brien and Biller shed light on their specific contributions to steering SB 706 across the finish line and offering insights on how other regions can replicate similar victories.

Enjoy this enriched podcast experience now as the Design-Build Delivers Podcast Bonus Content from the January episode is available on Buzzsprout or the podcast platform of your choosing.

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