Fighting for Design-Build Authorization in Your State? DBIA Has Your Back with Resources and Lessons Learned

March 2024

Over the last few months, we’ve talked a lot about the new Guide for Enactment of Design-build Legislation, Model Legislation and updated 2023 State Statute Report. From blog posts to podcasts, we’ve been celebrating legislative victories across the country –– Virginia, California, Florida and several other states. In this episode of the Design-Build Delivers Podcast, East Coast Region Vice President of Operations for Lydig Construction Vince Campanella and Vanir Construction’s Vice President and Director of Design-Build Program and Services Mike Meredith talk about those advocacy resources once again, this time focusing on their application and conceptualizing them within the industry and legislative arenas broadly.

Stay tuned for more from this episode with Design-Build Delivers Bonus Content, longer conversations with our guests. Coming soon!


Vince Campanella
Vice President of Preconstruction
Lydig Construction

Mike Meredith, LEED AP, CCM, FDBIA
Vice President and Director of Design-Build Program and Services
Vanir Construction


  • One More Time for Those in the Back –– What’s in the New DBIA Legislation Resources? (01:21)
  • Exploring the Conditions that Sparked the Model Legislation (4:09)
  • What Makes These Resources so Valuable? (8:07)
  • Diving Deeper: How to Apply the Resources in Your State (11:14)
  • Preventing Legislative Erosion (13:49)
  • Everything Comes Back to Design-Build Done Right® (17:53)
  • Let’s Get a Little Political: How Does the Climate of Politics Impact Design-Build Legislation? (21:05)
  • Maybe We’ll All Be Billionaires? What Does the Future of Design-Build Legislation Look Like? (26:44)


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