Get the Updated DBIA Owner Advisors Contract

As the use of design-build grows and evolves, so has the skillset needed to be a successful Design-Build Done Right® Owner Advisor. As a result, DBIA’s Standard Form Of Contract For Design-Build Owner Advisor Services (#501) has now been updated to reflect today’s increasingly integrated and innovative design-build project needs.

DBIA’s Contracts Committee and Owner Advisor Committee worked with the Board of Directors to revise agreement terminology – ensuring consistency with the DBIA Primer Selecting and Using an Owner Advisor in Design-Build – and incorporate design-build best practices. The result is a contract that can be easily adapted to all types of design-build delivery, market sectors and specific scope requirements.

DBIA’s updated Standard Form of Contract for Design-Build Owner Advisor Services is an important tool for meeting the growing demand and empowering design-build professionals to implement Design-Build Done Right® best practices.

In addition to the new Owner Advisor contract, you can purchase updated Insurance Exhibits and other contract documents in the DBIA Bookstore. DBIA Members receive a 50% discount on all contract documents.