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September 2022 Design-Build Done Right® Podcast

Getting your design-build project started off right is vital to project success. DBIA contracts are the industry’s “go-to” documents delivering Design-Build Done Right® projects of all types. Now, they’re even better!

These contract updates have been in the works for years, involving design-build professionals representing the entire industry. They include updates that address the ever-changing design-build industry and the challenges teams face today.

Best of all, these consensus documents represent the needs of every member of a design-build team, not just the contractor or designer or engineer. That’s what makes DBIA contracts unique. They’re built by collaborators for collaborators.

Today’s podcast guests have led DBIA’s Contract Committee during this massive undertaking and provide our listeners with a look at what these newly updated DBIA contracts deliver for design-build teams.


Louis Jenny – DBIA, Vice President, Advocacy and Industry Engagement


Holly Streeter-Schaefer – Burns & McDonnell, DBIA Contracts Committee Chair

Scott Churilla, DBIA – CDM Smith, Former Contracts Committee Chair



Episode Topics

Topic 1:  Who serves on DBIA’s Contracts Committee? (3:05)

Topic 2:  A diverse group of design-build pros helps ensure DBIA contracts are the most comprehensive they can be. (3:55)

Topic 3:  DBIA contract documents are built by consensus to ensure they represent each member of the team and the entire industry. (5:20)

Topic 4:  Using Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices are important to creating good contracts. (6:35)

Topic 5:  What differentiates DBIA contract forms? (7:30)

Topic 6:   A DBIA panel will detail the new contract documents at the Annual  Conference & Expo in November. (9:24)

Topic 7:   How good contracts help teams best manage a project’s risks. (10:40)

Topic 8:   New contracts address new challenges facing design-build teams. (12:00)

Topic 9:   History has shown effective risk allocation drives design-build success (13:20)

Topic 10: From prime contract documents, general conditions and agreements flow changes to all the sub-agreements, as well. (14:45)

Topic 11: Updates to Progressive contracts documents also included (16:10)

Topic 12: Highlights of some of the key 2022 DBIA contract updates. (18:00)

Topic 13: Addressing warranty period, indemnity provisions, and professional services. (19:00)

Topic 14: Designer sub-agreement updates. (23:20)

Topic 15: Additional Limited Recourse Clause (535 Document). (22:50)

Topic 16: Updates to retainage provisions. (24:30)

Topic 17: DBIA contract documents are designed to be customized as needed. (24:55)

Topic 18: Work continues on a DEI addendum and much more. (26:15)

Topic 19: Working with the Owner Advisor committee professionals on Owner Advisor Updates. (27:50)

Topic 20: Join the November 3rd Contracts Committee panel at Design-Build Conference & Expo in Las Vegas for details. (29:35)

Topic 21: Become a DBIA Contracts Committee member. (30:05)

Topic 22: Find Updated Design-Build Contracts in the DBIA Bookstore. (31:00)




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