It’s That Time Already: Spring Conference Calls for Proposals are Open

Decorative image announcing Spring Conference call for proposals

It’s no accident that design-build is on track to account for nearly half of construction spending by 2026. It’s also no accident that water/wastewater and transportation projects represent some of the largest areas for that growth. 

The documented cost and schedule performance of design-build, as well as the flexibility afforded by various procurement approaches ranging from Best-Value to Progressive Design-Build, are fundamental factors contributing to the increased use of design-build.

It’s also Owners and practitioners like you recognizing the value of design-build that have been a driving force behind the steady growth of this project delivery method. Why not be a part of DBIA’s signature events to showcase your impact? 

DBIA is now accepting presentation proposals for our sector-specific spring conferences in Cincinnati, Ohio, next year. The Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference will be held April 15–17, 2024, and the Design-Build for Transportation/Aviation Conference will take place Apr. 17–19, 2024. DBIA’s conferences offer a unique opportunity to share insights and showcase how and when Owners should choose design-build to deploy their capital projects with confidence in uncertain times, and how industry must rise to the challenges posed by a volatile market. Sharing practical application techniques, lessons learned and key success factors are critical to optimizing this highly flexible project delivery method.  

DBIA is calling on subject matter experts — Owners, practitioners and other key industry experts — to share lessons learned, tools, resources and more. Don’t miss your chance to join more than 1,000 of your peers in learning and networking at this targeted sector conference next April.

Last year’s Design-Build for Transportation/Aviation Conference in Seattle broke attendance records with 1,351 overall attendees. With your vital expertise on display, we can set new records for both conferences.

There are no restrictions on topics that can be submitted, however, please refer to our submission guidelines for abstract topics we are particularly interested in for Water/Wastewater and Transportation/Aviation 2024.

 Submit your proposal today. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 6, 2023.

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